So, how ’bout this-I submitted to one of my favorite blog’s reader submissions page back in SEPTEMBER and today she posted my entry.

Here’s the thing. I am a little nervous for you to read it because I was pretty candid. I try not to be too terribly honest in sharing the details of my life because I realize that they are scary. People don’t like scary. Especially grown ups. So, I have been pretty stayed, while keeping true to my value for authenticity. This post is probably the most candid I have been. Ever. And it’s not even the whole enchilada, friends. I am telling you this because I don’t want to offend you and the people-pleaser in me doesn’t want you to be angry at me.

Just like there have been tons of changes since my last post in February, there have certainly been tons of changes in our journey since September. When I wrote this post, I was really, really, DEEPLY, did I mention, extremely… LONELY.  I can still find myself feeling that way. Alone emotionally, physically, practically, in every way- alone.  So, this was written, in large part, to express my loneliness. Here’s the change- I’m not so lonely anymore. My husband is a little bit better…in every way. He’s doing it, we’re doing it. This post is a neat reminder of the pain that was then and the relief that is now. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of pain, and there will be until Zack is fully restored. But things sting just a little less now.

If you find yourself getting angry, try and redirect your anger and frustration toward our circumstances. Because, what I have shared is our reality, our truth. And, hells yeah, there is a lot to be angry about when you consider what has happened to Zack. Get angry and pray. Pray for full restoration and redemption.

Thank you for journeying with us. For standing with us. We need you.

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